Keen Quality Keeper

Strengthening Competence & Ensuring Safety

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A Game Changer

Built for the health care and education sector, Keen Quality Keeper provides a centralised portal for employees; e-learning, alerts, reminders and training schedules. As well as providing a comprehensive competency overview. 

With Keen, all employees are able to train in an engaging and motivated manner. Anywhere, on any device, any time. Keen is flexible and intuitive, ensuring automatic updates on training and certificates. 

Keen Quality Keeper – Strengthening Quality and Ensuring Safety

Are you and your staff Keen on learning more?

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Why Keen Quality Keeper?

Keen Quality Keeper reduces travel expenses and 
unnecessary absence across your business
  • Storage of all non-sensitive documentation. e.g. personnel handbook, emergency preparedness plan and other general documents 
  • Secure access to employee personal data 
  • Intranet capability 
  • Keen Card - All completed courses and qualifications will be automatically updated on the Keen Card 
  • Management of mandatory employee course and scheduling
  • Access to e-learning courses 
  • Employee course (new or re-certification) reminders and notifications to employee
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Keen Quality Keeper for Staff Development

A centralised tracking screen allows managers to ensure their staff members always have the knowledge and skills to perform at a high level. 

Keen allows each employee to take control of monitoring their progression and competency building. Reducing manager administration time.         Keen Quality Keeper is built on a philosophy of “low dose, high frequency’ to deliver fast lasting results. Keen ensures increased competence for all employees in a cost effective way.
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Keen Quality Keeper for nursing homes, schools and day care centres

Sectors who focus on people experience varied employee challenges on a daily basis. Staff with differing levels of competence, education and culture. 

Keen Quality Keeper provides a mechanism for ensuring that all employees have the same understanding and level of competency to deal with unwanted incidents. Safety is at the core of Keen Quality Keeper
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Keen Quality Keeper for employees

Keen Quality Keeper encourages a culture where staff have confidence in their own and colleagues competence.
Keen empowers each employee to be in charge of their own competence building by built-in notifications. This leads to a safer work place where certificates and mandatory training are constantly up to date.

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Keen Quality Keeper is a modern, cloud based technology

Available and updated – 24/7

With data stored securely in the Keen cloud you have access 
to key employee information wherever you are

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Keen Quality Keeper and compliance

It is important that business comply with key laws and regulations within the industry.

Keen Quality Keeper helps ensure compliance within differing authorities requirement


All data - always updated - in the Keen cloud!

Using the Keen cloud, means you are always able to access your important documents.

Always available – always updated – 24/7


How does Keen work?

About Keen as

KEEN AS was founded in 2015 by Sylvi Saure Finsrud and Anne K Espeland.
The founders combined  knowledge and experience from both the oil industry and the
care sector, led to the development of Keen Quality Keeper.

The Keen Team

Sylvi S Finsrud - General Manager
Previous work experience mainly from the oil and gas sector within consultancy management, running a business consisting of 100+ consultants. Marketing and Communication manager for an oil service company in Stavanger, and ”communication lead” in Emergency Preparedness teams.
Sylvi treasures her international life experience from postings in Norway, UK, Indonesia, Australia and UAE and as a co-founder of Keen, she hopes her work contribution will make a positive, lasting impact for care workers. 

Anne K Espeland - ​Creative Director 
Diverse background with a wide work experience from a French oil company working in Norway and France. Also experience from health care, with position as chairman of the board for a private nursing home, and board member at the Red Cross.  Start-ups, media communication and marketing, Italy and Copenhagen. 
Humanitarian work is a big part of her life, along with international experience from New York City, Paris, London,   Aberdeen, Houston and Copenhagen. Thrives working with the ongoing digitalisation of the care sector in KEEN. 

VISION      Being a game changer in competence building for the care sector
MISSION   Build a strong and long term relationship with our clients and partners by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology
VALUES    Respect  Knowledge Creative Humble

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Sylvi Saure Finsrud

Sylvi Saure Finsrud
+47 909 67 848
Anne K Espeland

Anne K Espeland
+47 45 26 75 38

Funding partners

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Besøksadresse / visiting adress:
Keen as •  Engelsminnegata 16a  •  4008 Stavanger  •  Norway
Org nr. 915 110 207